Does Your Center Have a Written Emergency Disaster Plan?

December 20, 2017


Californians are no strangers to emergencies and disasters. In 2017 many child care programs sustained major disaster-related damage, requiring temporary closure and, evacuation and relocation of vulnerable populations, including children.

Here are some tips for emergency planning in your childcare center: 

  • Schedule regular drills at least once every six months, including provisions for fire, earthquake, shelter in place, and relocation and evacuation. Document all such drills.

  •  Be sure your staff and children know the signs and signals for various types of disasters, and that they understand what to do.

  • Conduct drills for different types of disasters at several times during the year.

  • Develop plans for relocating to more than one other site, if necessary. Obtain written agreements to use those sites, and be sure that parents and staff know the location of the sites.

  • Establish procedures to inform responsible relatives of children in your care about your response plan. 

  • In larger child care facilities, establish more than one way to convey an immediate message to all staff in all areas that they need to shelter-in-place (lock down), or evacuate immediately if it is safe. Remember, communication systems that rely on your electrical system may not function in an emergency.

  • Establish confirmed out-of-state and out-of area telephone contacts that can be used to relay facility status information in case local phone lines are overloaded, and be sure parents and guardians have been given these phone numbers. 


Click Here Important Information from DSS on Dec 2017 California Fires 

Click Here Contact DSS if Your Program has Been Impcated by a California Fire 

Click Here Community Care Licensing Video on Emergency Preparedness 

Click Here The Governors Office on Emergency Planning 











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