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Thank you so much for all you do!!!
I can’t say how much I value the support being a member of CQEL has given me. You provide an excellent service for childcare providers in California.
I really appreciate all you are doing to meet childcare needs & that you are so proactive in making improvements. Very happy I was able to rejoin CQEL this year.
I love all the information and you have great customer service. I really enjoy the OC conference in the fall. I have attended the last two years.
Thanks so much for all of the opportunities you are spearheading/supporting for the benefit of the students/families that we care for, and for the employees who do the caring! Cannot express my appreciation for you and your tireless work – but I’ll keep trying!
Thank you very much for speaking and advocating on behalf of childcare providers and the childcare industry. Much appreciation for all the CQEL team does for our preschools, staff, preschoolers and their families!
Really wanted to take a second to say thank you for facilitating the forum and the work you do. Both are very important, tremendously supportive to me individually and to the industry collectively (IMHO), and certainly valued greatly by me.
I appreciate your words and have enjoyed reading your CQEL updates for years!
You are doing so much for our field. I don’t think we’d survive without the amazing behind the scenes work of CQEL.
Thank you for advocating for us!!
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