Empowering child cares
large and small.

CQEL is a non-profit that provides professional development, supports, and sustains California child care educators. We're expanding the availability of high-quality child care.

Five child care leaders recognized they needed to advocate for community-based child care programs.
With a distribution to eleven thousand leaders and policymakers, CQEL elevates news and policy priorities.
We're funded nearly exclusively by more than 500 child care programs across California.

It started with an email

Not convinced existing advocacy efforts were sufficient for child cares, a child care director emailed two others she met at a conference. They met in Palm Springs two weeks later and started drawing up plans on a whiteboard.

...now we’re here

CQEL has grown and grown. Now we're five-hundred members strong. We host regular high-value trainings and events. We lead child care providers in grassroots advocacy. And we've built the connective tissue between thousands of child care leaders to support each other and build together.

What makes CQEL special?

Run by child care pros

We're run by child care directors and owners with hundreds of years of combined experience.

In it together

We're here to help each other through the toughest moments of running a child care.

Here for the long haul

We're funded by hundreds members each chipping in a small amount, so we're here to serve you, and here for the long term.

Getting better with time

As we grow, we add more voices and experts to our community, so members find connections and help faster.

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